What Now?

How to get ready for your consultation with Handwoven Webs:

First of all, we suggest you look through our portfolio to see if we are any good. If you are not a connoisseur of graphic design, ask a friend who has a good eye to look too. Looking through our portfolio also might give you some ideas for your own site.

When we first meet, it would be good to see any printed materials you have used in your business: brochures, flyers, ads, business cards–that sort of thing. Bring anything we might need to scan: photos, logos, etc. And bring your checkbook if you think you might want to get started right away. We start with a 50% deposit. Or you can pay by credit card:

Payment Gateway

We don’t need to meet in person, though.  I happily work with folks all around the country so communication works well by phone and email too.

You can reach us by email at julie@handwovenwebs.com or by phone at 828-772-8841.

And put on your travelin’ shoes, because you are now a pilgrim in cyberspace. What an adventure awaits!