Okay, we admit it. We really love “high touch”, earthy, sort of textural sites.

But we are extremely versatile, so we can co-create with you a site that reflects YOU and your work.

In that way, we have “multiple personalities”.  WE DO NOT DO “out of the box” websites.  We do create sites that are, if you will, “OUTSIDE” of the box.  If there is a pattern to our work, it must be “elegant simplicity”, as that is what we have been told again and again.  We blush modestly.

And then we invite you to look at some of the sites we’ve made.  We’ve gotta warn you, though . . . websites look different on different computers.  MACs and PCs process things differently (images on a MAC tend to be lighter, for one thing).  Websites can look VASTLY different depending on the resolution of your monitor and whether you are using 256 colors or millions of colors.  If you use Internet Explorer as your browser, who knows? (IE is a bit of a troublemaker.  For heaven’s sakes, do start using Mozilla’s Firefox or Google’s Chrome! )And websites look different on Wednesdays, so I’m told.

Also, sometimes people take over updating their sites, and well, they don’t always make the same design decisions we would make.  If they stray too far AND WE NOTICE IT they get the ax, and we drop them from our portfolio. (Oops!  Just axed another one!)

By the way, WE  SPECIALIZE IN WORDPRESS SITES. WordPress makes it easy for you to update your site, is great for search engines, and allows you (if you like) to have your own blog. See one of our favorites: HOLY BEE PRESS.

On this page are some example websites.  (Click on the image to go to the site.)

If you resonate with what you see, call us today at 828-772-8841 and we’ll get started on YOUR site!