You say your brother-in-law has volunteered to do your website?  And you are thrilled, because after all, he is “into computers”?

Some of our best customers originally had their brother-in-law design their website! (We LOVE brothers-in-law, because they make our work look so good! And we enjoy re-designing sites as much as we enjoy creating them from scratch.)

The thing is, being “into computers” no more qualifies you to design a good website than being “into movies” qualifies you to direct Meryl Streep in her next Academy-award winning movie!

Creating an excellent website is about DESIGN.

A professional web designer knows how to lay out elements on a page so they are engaging and easy to follow; how to select color that supports your goal and is easy to read; how to design navigation so people can get from one place to another — and back!

Creating an excellent website is about THE WRITTEN WORD.

At Handwoven Webs, we are masters of weaving words and pictures to convey meaning clearly and powerfully.  And we love attention to detail.  In fact, we double-dog dare you to find any tpyos on this site!  By the way, if you find any boo-boos on this site, please tell us – we want to know.  We promise to be grateful, not insulted. [And yes, we did tpyos on purpose – just to see if you are paying attention!]
For those of you out there who love the written word as much as we do, have you ever read Joseph M. Williams’ Style – Toward Clarity and Grace?  That is one of our favorite books on writing.  Come to think of it,  our websites tend to exemplify clarity and grace!

Creating an excellent website is about HUMAN information processing, just as much as it is about COMPUTER information processing!

Did you know that the reason our phone numbers have seven digits is because that is about all the human brain can easily handle? (Ours, by the way, is 828-772-8841! )

This seven item memory thing carries over into web design in the area of menus:  it is best, if possible, to keep the menu at or around seven items!  (See about us to see how it is we know these things . . . )